Adult Small Group Ministry

Small Groups have continued to be an vital part of our spiritual life at PVUMC. The idea of the “church” has grown in importance. An important part of growing this community includes the ongoing building of close relationships with Christ but also with each other. This strengthening of relationships creates opportunities for spiritual growth within our sphere of influence within the church itself and in our surrounding neighborhoods.

Our Small Group Ministry here has been influencing our congregation by providing opportunities for growth. This impact has included an increase in the knowledge of God’s word and an awareness of the power that comes from that application of His word. We have tried to develop small groups that are meaningful and relevant to the needs of our growing body of believers and express the stated vision of our church.

Some of our small groups include: Adult Sunday Bible Study which includes important, ongoing, teaching and discipling subjects for spiritual nurturing and growth. These studies have included many from the teachings of Pastor Robert Morris including the “Truly Free” DVD series. Our classes are designed to challenge and stimulate maturity growth in the knowledge and application of scripture in our daily lives.

“Wrapped in Love” is an on-going ministry which takes advantage of a desire to minister to the physical and emotional needs of the elderly and shut-ins. It does this by knitting lap covers and other items which provide not only physical by emotional warmth as well.

Pastor’s Small Group – Pastor Joe is now conducting an important small group study which has been very well attended.

There is also a Women’s Study Class by Margaret Feinberg which is geared to spiritually stimulate us the group a more motivated life in Christ.  Another study called “Transformed” by Pastor Chip Ingram was started.

One of the key components to a successful Small Groups ministry is the commitment of our pastor to supporting our efforts. Pastor Joe has consistently been very supportive of our efforts as has other leadership in the church.

The Small Groups Ministry Team meets periodically to evaluate current groups and plan for future emphasis on courses to be offered.

We are always looking for fresh ideas on improving the Small Groups experience at Port Vue United Methodist Church.