Dear Congregation of Port Vue United Methodist Church,
Which individuals in our communities and churches are facing the greatest challenges in their lives? Most of us would say that the answer is our youth. Others would respond that it is our families.
The WPAUMC Camping and Retreat Ministries are shining stars in producing positive influences on our youth and our families. The staff and leaders offer positive role models via small group and relationship based programs that teach identity as children of God. Families have the opportunity to move out of their normal routines in order to connect with one another.
Once our “Deeply Rooted and Upward Reaching” Mission is successfully completed with the much needed scholarships and upgrades to the camping and retreat facilities, they will be able to provide even stronger ministry and will be accessible to more youth and families than ever before!!
The need is critical to complete this mission. That is why our PVUMC church council on behalf of our congregation has chosen the Challenge Goal. This challenge is for each worshiper to make a financial commitment of $250 which may be completed over the next 36 months.  That would be only $6.95 monthly, and only 23 cents per day. We are asking every one to respond in helping to reach this goal as their heart leads them.
You will soon have and opportunity to join in this effort by making your commitment to our Mission. We will be seeking your response on Sunday, Feb 9, 2020.  Please prayerfully consider your response to this vital need.
In Christian Love,
Pastor Hyung-Suk Joe
Suzanne Evans