To financially contribute the Western PA Conference of the United Methodist Church’s campaign called “Deeply Rooted, Upward Reaching” (in support our Conference’s Summer Camping Program and Ministries), click on the graphic link above.

Every year I look forward to Jumonville, and all the things I love about it. It is the highlight of my summer! Every year I come home crying, wanting to go back sooo badly. Jumonville is an amazing place, where I have become closer to God. – Jumonville Summer Camper

 Camp is a place where children, youth, and adults can step away for a time to grow in the faith, have fun, and make new and deeper friendships. It can be a fun adventure, a quiet time of inspiration, and a chance to make meaningful memories. It can give kids a chance to be themselves and care for others, have some crazy fun, and ask the bigger questions that they wrestle with. A week at camp can immerse you in Christian community, help you to experience unconditional love and invite you to grow. Children and adults from Port Vue UMC are encouraged to take part in the United Methodist Conference Camping Program that is held at: