– Pastor Hyung-Suk Joe & Shinhea

Dear Friends,

WELCOME  We want to thank you for visiting our website. Port Vue United Methodist Church is not a building, but a diverse group of people who are called to be brothers and sisters to one another only through God’s grace in Jesus Christ. Our vision is:

With God’s guidance, we will grow into an exceptionally welcoming  and diverse community embodying the love of Jesus for all.

▪ We envision an exceptionally welcoming community of faith where people, whether members, nonmembers, or strangers, feel they are valued, cared for, belonged, and loved.

▪ We envision a community of diversitythe diversity of every sortrace, gender, ethnicity, economics, age, and so on. Regardless of any differences, people can find themselves at home here because of Jesus Christ who insists that we belong to the totality, the whole family of God, family of faith and commitment.

▪ This is the community where each of the congregation has his/her deeper, more intimate communion with Christ. Our desire and prayer is that if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, you will find our church family a place where you can continue to grow in that relationship. Equally, if you do not know Jesus Christ in a personal way, we pray that by joining with us in worship and various small group ministries, you will come to know him and grow into a deeper relationship with him.

While you are exploring our website, you will learn about our ministries and programs and get a glimpse of who we are. To fully understand us, we hope you will visit our worship service. We believe you will feel welcome and at home on your first visit. Once again, thank you for your interest in Port Vue United Methodist Church – we look forward to worshipping with you soon! – Pastor Hyung-Suk Joe

Facebook Live Services – every Sunday at 10:00 am